Are Magazines Not Doing Well on the iPad?



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GQ actually has the right idea here, Popular Science is charging MORE for the iPad edition of their magazine than the news stand edition. For a product that does not require any printing costs or postage fees, charging more is simply not logical from a customer standpoint.



who reads GQ as it is on the newsstands?



The math on the magazine business isn't particularly great to begin with; the cost of paper and shipping (both unprinted paper and printed magazines) keeps going up. Subscription income is a minor revenue stream compared to ad sales anyway. It's only a matter of time before we start seeing preferential pricing for iPad (or other electronic) subscriptions, compared to print. As alluded in the article, magazines are laid out electronically (most likely on a mac), getting to an electronic delivery format is easy and practically free compared to printing and shipping a physical magazine. The tough part is the paradigm shift in the publishing industry, which is (mostly) bleeding cash. Be patient, I suspect in a year, those sub numbers will be very different.



im suprised that newsstands and magizine stores would not be mad at imag or other stores online sell them for less

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