AT&T Adding Android and webOS Devices



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Hopefully by the time AT&T adds more smartphones to it's network, it will have the infrastructure in place with it's network being 100% 3G service with upgrades starting on 4G service in it's areas that currently have 3G by the time they start to release newer products. Maybe they also plan on dropping the iPhone from it's product line-up as well to help alleviate it's networking problems, who knows what this money hungry grub is up to... Besides complaining to the feds about having to comply with the upgrades and stealing more money from it's customers for services that have long since been paid for while not doing a damn thing to upgrade them to the latest technology available to them, instead making his wallet fatter. They still yet to comply with the agreement they signed with Tennessee to bring U-Verse to 100% of the households here by then end of year, 2 years ago, when they bought out BellSouth!



Shouldn't AT&T focus more in fixing it's service, rather than getting more smartphones? What is so good about getting a smartphone on AT&T if half the time the phone doesn't even work?

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