AT&T and Verizon to Offer Limited Options for Unlimited iPhone Users



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Maybe it's time to move back to Sprint. So far there the only ones not forcing the more expensive shared plans down everyones throats. I'll have to check coverage in my area, if it's good, see you later AT&T!!!



Why buy Subsidized it cost you more in the long run anyways...



They will have to pry my unlimited plan from my cold, dead fingers before I give it up. When they take all my options away, AT&T will lose my business. It makes no sense at all to have a shared data plan when it's the only device on my account.



sorry but this is a naïve comment sense ALL the carriers are moving away from unlimited! Personally I'm surprised i still have my unlimited plan...

Giving users all you can eat never made sense when the appetite was projected to grow and keep growing. it was stupid to think they would not have to pay more to provide data as it evolved from KB to MB to GB and in 3-5 years TB...



You're right -- eventually everybody will offer pretty much the same plans at the same prices, which they always end up doing. What really makes everybody hate the mobile carriers is that they have carved out a nice collusive environment in which they get to eat their cake and have it too. They make me pay a nice flat fee every month whether I use all of my allotted data or not, and then if I go over that allotment one month out of twelve I can pay a hefty surcharge. Win/win for them, lose/lose for me.

How about a little carrot along with the stick? Give me a discount for the amount of data I don't use in a given month. Ha! Not likely.

Mobile carriers make cable companies look good.

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