AT&T Boss Regrets iPhone Unlimited Data, Loses Sleep Over iMessage, Skype



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I've never had a problem with AT&T (i switched from Verizon who had very poor data coverage (side note: i have a 450min plan with over 2000 rollover mins, so i cant really make a hard statement on there voice coverage, how ever i have not ever had a dropped call in Dallas/Tokyo/Austin/ABQ/or NYC))

But i do see his point Unlimited Data was very stupid! Data costs money to get & give, even the ISP's are quietly switching from Unlimited plans. That being said i have an unlimited Plan from my iPhone3GS that i bought 31days (yes that hurt but i have free data) before the iPhone 4 came out! (i have an iPhone 4S now, hehehe...) i will continue to use it until I'm somehow forced to lose it (& i wont be mad or surprised when it happens.)



Wow. More concern about "revenue streams", cleverly milking consumers and, preying on technical ineptitude rather than doing what customers could benefit from.

Perhaps if you invested in your infrastructure (and yes it is still crappy) rather trying to make your bottom line look creamy you would not be the laughing stock.



Before you go saying there stealing your money go look at how much it costs to give you service, and how much they invest to make it better!

If anyone is stealing from customers its Verizon, look at how much money they are hoarding! Also who there giving it to (& who is on there board of Directors (talk about a political machine, with an agenda!))



Brandon - You may be right about verizon, but ATT is just as bad. I have both here in north Alabama (not the best site for cellular coverage). Verizon 3g beats out Edge any day of the week. We have verizon 4g LTE in some areas now. Its seems to be close to as fast as our landline connections. ATT has edge (2g) in most areas with some 3g coverage around the larger towns. No 4g coverage anywhere. Verizon coverage isn't that great but ATT's is just horrible in many areas. Data service from ATT is nonexistent. I have paid for the 30 dollar unlimited plan since iPhone 3gs came out. And just this year have gotten 3g. So i would argue that whatever amount of data I use is already paid for several times over by being charge 30 dollars for edge service ... read unusable....

ATT also drops calls about twice to 3 times as much as Verizon.

Not trying to justify Verizon as a great business but for the price their service is a lot better here.

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