AT&T Customers Not Happy With Their Cell Service



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I switched from Verizon to AT&T so I could use an iPhone. The phone rocks, AT&T, not so much. I live near Boulder, CO, BTW. For awhile, AT&T's service was OK. Over the last 9 or 10 months their service has gotten flakier and flakier. I have full bars sitting here in my office, yet I haven't had a call do anything except go straight to VM in months. I haven't had a call not get dropped in months. For a while AT&T customer service people told me service might be degraded while they were upgrading towers, but that was last Fall, and it's gotten worse, not better. Verizon wasn't much better, though. The galling part is having crappy service, and seeing AT&T spent hundreds of millions on rebranding efforts and advertising, when I can't make a simple phone call.


Last night we left our home county (Lebanon, PA) and went to neighboring Lancaster for dinner.  You see, Lancaster has AT&T 3G and Lebanon does not.  In fact, so do neighboring Hershey, Harrisburg, Reading, and Allentown.  It was kinda nice to sit in Red Lobster and be able to check my MobileMe mail and a few web sites via Lancaster's 3G.  Once upon a time they told me 3G was coming to Lebanon, but now AT&T doesn't talk about it any more.  Meanwhile, Lebanon's Edge service gets worse and worse.  It's NEVER been good, but now it's just awful!  It now takes 3 to 5 minutes to access a typical web site (such as, 2 to 3 minutes to access MobileMe.  Forget streaming any radio or Pandora.  IM-possible.  Oh, sometimes really late at night or early in the morning things speed up to a barely acceptable 2G level.  I believe it has to do with all the 3G smartphone and iPads and such piling onto an already antiquated network.  We have two Verizon 3G netbooks that wortk just fine, really zip along.  The only way I can get decent iPhone access is to use ICS to broadcast my Verizon 3G from my netbook to the iPhone.  Cool, eh?  I get to pay $60/mo. or whatever to AT&T plus $50/mo. to Verizon in order to use my iPhone.  I'm really tired of watching AT&T's ad campaigns on TV.  JUST FIX THE NETWORK!!  APPLE - LET US BUY A NEW IPHONE ON VERIZON"S NETWORK!!!!!



In NYC and even in mid-Jersey, AT&T is HORRIBLE lately, much more so than usual. I doubt the iPad is having this kind of effect; more likely it's the additional foliage that has burst onto the trees these last 3 weeks. Anecdotally, of every call except one I've made this week so far (about 10 calls), every one of them has been dropped at some point in the conversation. If you live/work in the NY/NJ area, dropped calls are the rule, not the exception. 



I switched to AT&T from Alltel/Verizon almost 2 years ago when got an iPhone 3G and have been WAY more satisfied with my AT&T service. I've never had a dropped call and the service coverage is far superior to what I had before. I'm guessing the people complaining are from major metro areas (NYC, LA) with millions of other AT&T/iPhone users and thousands of skyscrapers blocking and bouncing signal around...which in those areas bad signal would be expected.



For the record, I have been on AT&T my whole life, and my nokias have always worked flawlessly, with about 5 dropped calls I can remember...during a period of at least about 5 years. Also, those dropped calls were because of being inside a multistory building, which is expected. I actually pity the poor chaps on Verizon, as Verizon locks down the functionality of their phones. Why can you only connect to bluetooth headsets through bluetooth and have to buy a transfer cable to move data. Seriously, Nokias are the way to go if you can't have an iPhone

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