AT&T Denies "Sell Anything But iPhone" Allegations



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In the ATT store in the concourse of Rockefeller Center in NY and overheard a sales man say to a customer that the iPhone is not a very good phone and recommended against buying it. I was there to upgrade my phone and when ANOTHER sales rep told be to upgrade to an phone brand i was pretty up set. I said that I had iPhones since the Apple released it's first phone and the "problems" these sales persons were describing did not exist as far as my experience went.

I told the other customer not to listen to them. I left the store and bought my phone over the ATT website. it was really upsetting.



This is true (kinda). Yesterday while i was upgrading my wife's iPhone, the AT&T worker tried to talk me out of waiting myself for the new iphone in the next couple of months. Said it wasn't happening anytime soon.

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