AT&T Gets Second Wave of Line Sitters for iPhone 4



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Here is a letter that I wrote to Apple, detailing my frustrations about attempting to obtain an iPhone 4.


Dear Apple, Inc.,

I am extremely frustrated. I have tried a few times to obtain iPhone 4, and I have had nothing but failure every step of the way.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky few who had the funds secured for one on launch day. So, that cancelled that.

I didn’t even know about the AT&T corporate store launch until it was too late. But, I went to one on the day of, and they told me to come back the next day. So, I did. Expecting long lines, I got there at 5 A.M. Guess what? THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY, AND THAT THEY WERE DOING THEIR “DIRECT FULFILLMENT!”

Since I didn’t have a credit card (so sorry. I pay in cash, with a Chase debit card, with a Visa logo. EXCUSE ME!), I couldn’t direct fulfill.

I stopped by my local Apple Store, to go ahead and put my name on the list, to obtain one. Of course, your genius corporate line is that you tell your associates to tell the public that they have no idea when the phone will arrive. IT’S YOUR DAMNED PHONE!!! YOUR FREAKIN’ COMPANY!!! WHY, ON PLANET APPLE DON’T YOU KNOW??!!!

You do know. You just don’t want to tell the public, of course. You can develop every kind of advanced computer system known to man, BUT YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHEN MY iPHONE WILL BE HERE??!!! EXCUSE ME???!!!

So, I tried an AT&T authorized retail outlet. Same similar story as with the corporate store. They told me that they would definitely have a shipment within a matter of two days. They did say that they only get a few in at a time, and they go quickly. No problem. I get there, again, at 5 A.M., expecting a line. No line. No problem. I was willing to wait one last time. AND, OF COURSE, NO SHIPMENT!!!


And, to top it all off, you send this smokescreen of a letter out, outright lying to the public about the reception issue. You must think that most of your fans are REALLY that dumb. I thought you guys were note only smarter, but cared about your customers better than that??

But, why should you care. You are selling them like hotcakes - wherever the hell they are.

Why am I so concerned? I do digital media, and this is only my livelihood. I need that camera that is on there. I am, of course, also curious to see what the iMovie app can do. AND, I have promised a client to shoot his music video with it, due to the hi def.



All I want is a promise that an iPhone will be in a particular place, in a particular time, so that I can BUY one. None of this lying, and screwing me around. I’m sick of it.

Please advise.


Daniel Louis Rappaport
Because I can do ALL of the following :
concept design and development
graphic design
merchandise design
motion graphics
motion picture editing
technical support

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