AT&T Loses Its Mind with New TOS [Updated]



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burun estetigiI was looking through AT&T's TOS to find that clause. I coudn't find it. It's ok because AT&T changed their minds. Huzzah!estetik



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AT&T has been the only reason that I haven't bought an iPhone for the last year. The price with a contract is perfectly reasonable for such a fantastic phone, but AT&T's service isn't worth the ridiculously high price tag they have on their plans. And why is texting separate from a data plan? Ridiculous. But this new TOS is just the icing on the cake. Hopefully there will be the chance to buy the next iPhones without a contract, because that's the only way I would buy one at this point.And jeremy11, you should have 30 days from when they make a contract change to cancel your service with AT&T without any fees. I would call customer service to make sure, just in case.



Apple is at their peak for today. It's 3:20 and they're at their daily high.



With a new TOS does that mean that we as customers are able to cancel our commitments with AT&T without an early termination fee since AT&T is changing the contract that was entered in at the time I signed up?

Anyone know? I do a lot of streaming using Pandora and other apps. Wonder what Apple thinks about this restriction on their device.


Roberto Baldwin

I was looking through AT&T's TOS to find that clause. I coudn't find it. It's ok because AT&T changed their minds. Huzzah!


T-Mobile Germany just banned Skype for the iPhone.



T-Mobile Germany, no retarded TOS, and 1 Euro iPhone 3G w/ contract, FTW!



If this is accurate and sticks, I'll be selling my iPhone on ebay and moving to another carrier. This business philosophy is not keeping with Apple, or it's ideas of innovation. This throws cold water on the upcoming 3.0 as it seemingly restricts the capabilities of the hardware and OS. AT&T will cost Apple their market gains by the end of the day.

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