AT&T May Hang On To The iPhone A Little While Longer Says Analyst Group



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Verizon isn't and never was the best place for the iPhone, although I see no reason they couldn't carry a specific CDMA capable one except that Apple doesn't make such a device. IF Apple were to turn them loose, they would most likely pickup T-Mobile or some other GSM based network, not a CDMA one. Now once the LTE starts rolling out, this may change, as I suspect that Apple will abandon CDMA/GSM for it altogether. 3G is a luxury that most people don't really need, 4G on the other hand will be something everyone will need as it's going to blow current speeds away and provide a much better platform that should be cross provider compatibility. Okay so the providers may use different bands, they will all be using similar frequencies, only separated by a few Hz (MHz?), not all that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, since most phones now do several different frequencies for providing 2G/3G services through their equipment. As far as Apple making the iPhone compatible with T-Mobile, I'm sure it's just a firmware upgrade thing that stands between it working and not.

I look for Apple to possibly tell AT&T they can no longer require a commitment for their devices and still lower the price of it to at least where it's at now with the plans or slightly higher for it but, no where where it was at a couple years ago when it was released. $300 tops for the 64GB version and can use the "New" data plans available with a pre-paid plan to get service.

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