AT&T Network Once Again Fails iPhone Launch



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As all of you, I have been trying online, through the app store app and on the phone for a home delivery option, and everyone just says sorry that I have to make an appointment and go to a brick and mortar store. Which I thought I would be fine to pick up the phone, but was then told I had to make an appointment and go in just to pre-order the phone and then go back to pick it up. So now instead I will wait a few weeks after everyone has gotten their's and all the activation problems have dropped off before and if I even get one. AT&T needs to get with the program and be ready for the hype that is the iPhone!



I have been trying since 6 a.m. Pacific time and still no luck. I can't order for delivery, or even store pick up. I've tried the Apple site and AT&T site. It seems as though the failure is once again on At&t's shoulders. This has to be the biggest failure of any of the iPhone launches so far. I would love to know at the end of the day, just how many orders were actually received by Apple compared to how many they anticipated. There are two people in my home, each of us are trying to order a new phone, and it simply can't be done. What is going to happen on the 24th, when all these new phones are being activated, it's going to be a blood bath. AT&T has some explaining to do for sure.



I think you're right about the FAN number. I got to the same point you did. Every other time I've ever upgraded online I have been allowed to keep my existing plan, so it doesn't make sense that we shouldn't be able to do it now. Especially since it says to hit "use existing". Also, I've seen numerous reports from other people that the site worked for them. But since this problem has been happening for my account since they started accepting pre-orders early this morning, I have to assume that they probably got it to work without a FAN number that most people probably don't have.



Placed my order on AT&T's web page this morning around 700AM CDT, while eating my breakfast. The site was slower than usual but, I just rocked on through with my existing service plan and discounts. Also, free next day shipping to my home. It sucks you had such a bad time.

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