AT&T Not Claiming Responsibility For Video Restrictions On 3G iPad



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While ATT deserves its lions share of blame for its weak network, you can also lay this at the feet of counties and municipalities around the country who won't allow towers to be built in areas that beg for them. Sometimes you must wonder whether Verizon has a hand in these restrictions, which oddly seem to affect mostly AT&T and T-Mobile, both of whom employ the GSM technology, which is the world wide standard, except for here, of course.



It's easy to blame AT&T as they have been the culprit in the past, with their towers not being able to handle the demand...but in this case, ABC admitted it was their own decision to not allow video streaming over 3G.   Nevertheless, they have recently allowed streaming of standard definition videos over 3G - approved yesterday?


I'm thinking AT&T is having trouble digesting a million iPads coming online alongside all the current iPhones and other 3G smart phones already getting indigestion from poor AT&T data service.  I live in a PA county that - after almost 2 years with my iPhone -  still has no 3G service, even though all surrounding counties have 3G.  We don't even get decent Edge service.  But this past week - especially over the weekend - data service has ground to practically a halt.  For more than 24 hours I couldn't even connect to my MobileMe email server.  Even now, accessing web sites is at a crawl - often 2 to 5 minutes, if it connects at all.  Reports submitted using AT&T's "Mark the Spot" iPhone app head off to Pluto, with only a text message comming back saying essentially thanks for your feedback.  My contract is up in a couple months and I can't wait to get a new Verizon iPhone.  My two Verizon 3G netbooks seem to work just fine; in fact the only decent data service I can get is when I do ICS Wifi off my netbooks.  Watch out for June when Apple starts selling the new iPhone!

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