AT&T to Offer MMS for Free on Text Bundles



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Okay, so I know the AT&T "Service" part isn't ready...but Apple has it smeared on their website that 3.0 has the new picture mail capability on both 3G and 3G S. After feature. Perhaps either AT&T should step it up or Apple should shut the hell up and stop making promises that neither company can deliver on. Picture mail is one of the main reasons I have unlimited texting...2 kids and not about to carry more cameras/video cams everywhere we go.

Maybe Apple should just create a cell company for the need to partner with other cell company's. Just iPhone Cellular. Then we can avoid the "who do I blame" problem and know it will always be Apple's fault. HMPH=(



So AT&T is not going to charge extra for something they don't charge extra for on any other phone. I know they could have but if they did I would actually leave AT&T on principle for that. I mean $5 a month for 200 text is already high considering it's free money to AT&T much less paying even more for something that could only partially justify the price.

In any case AT&T might be using this to try to drum up support but I will feel the same about them tomorrow that I did yesterday for hearing it. It's a shame really because I used to support Apple's decision to go with AT&T but now it seems that even Apple is not even sure. Hey it still beats Rogers doesn't it?.. At least at price?.. Right?

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