AT&T Putting a Cap In Your DSL, U-verse Data Effective May 2



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You know, I'd have less issue with this if it were a peak-usage-hours cap or somesuch, but bandwidth is only about availability at a given moment. Late at night, does it really matter how much you use?



Im not 100% sure on how much data i consume monthly with my uverse account but i would say its quite a bit. I play wow, use netflix as my main source of TV, rent movies with my apple tv maybe 1-2 a week. So this pretty much sucks. As more industries move towards the cloud and more data is accessible this way ISPs need to provide us with the ability to access it unhindered.



You've got to love a monopoly. If their service goes down, can you get a discount applied to your monthly bill?

Ah, no.



I dont understand why "service providers" that do not own the service, start to throttle usage. CISCO has stated over and over that there is no CAP on data, but the "service providers" do this to make more money than to upgrade their equipment. Its a shame, they will start with this limit, then slowly make it lower and then have more "tiered" plans in order to scam more money.

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