AT&T to Raise Fees for Contract Breakers



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You can not get this item ... it appears it is sold out.



they just want to get more money out of your wallet because they ether don't get enough money or need more money



It is only a material change if they are trying to apply it to existing contracts. I suspect this is for new contracts only.

Also, I believe in CA, they are required to pro-rate the charge, so that if you complete one year of a contract and then break it you only pay 1/2 the total fee.



It appears AT&T underestimates the enmity their customer base holds for them. I'd pay more than that to take my iPhone to a different carrier.I still believe the day will come when AT&T 's CEO will be trying to explain how they never expected to lose millions of customers in a day.
And wouldn't this increase constitute a material change in our contracts?

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