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I am not so certain about AT&T adds, but I do know getting into my in box (yahoo) takes forever, and a day....even when I have high speed, and a nice comp.



I've been to both Chicago and Denver and both places I NEVER ONCE had problems with my cell services with AT&T, though Sprint did like to charge me outrages charges to talk there, when they could connect my call, if they ever connected it...Okay so AT&T doesn't have 3-G service everywhere, so what, neither does Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or anyone else for that matter. Clear is going the way of the do-do and it's not even barely out yet, Comcast and Sprint are at odds over the service. None of these are suitable for iPhones capabilities and never will be as long as their monopolies only serve certain areas of the country and no real competition or regulation to dethrone their over pricing and lower service availabilities. I'm still looking for that company that can cover 100% of the contiguous 48 states with both voice and 3+G data service, until that day, I'll settle for whatever is best at the time, right now, at least in my area, that's AT&T. Cheaper rates, no problems getting calls, no dropped calls, and 5 bars of service 90+% of the time. No other provider, (out of the 7+ in the area,) can say the same thing, especially Verizon and Sprint, which are #1 & 2 respectively at only one thing, the highest priced services around with the weakest signals and crappiest customer services.Verizon and Apple may actually love one another, Apple likes to dictate what developers can do with their phones and Verizon doesn't allow for developers to do anything with their phones...  Good luck with that Apple, still not showing me a reason to buy one yet...



We just cancelled our Verizon Mobile 3G wifi cause we rarely got above modem speeds. It was garbage and this is in Chicago and generally anwhere else we travelled. AT&T I have moved off and gone to Comcast for my home internet for less money. I had just had enough of AT&T and Verizon while a good company their mobile wifi sucked. I was playing with a laptop in a new shop on Michigan Avenue called Clear promising 4G mobile wifi. Prices were similar to Verizon but I got 3Mb in their shop. 4G seems to be the way to go I think.The bills I got from AT&T were a joke, $60 a month and all I used was about $10 in calls.  It was tax this, charge that, levy this.  I mean really this is getting beyond a joke.  I think hard wired home phones are really coming to an end with this kind of pricing.  The comcast offer I got was $19.99 for 6 months.  Thing is you really have to keep on top of these plans so you can switch and get the best deals.  Needless to say I will not be going back to AT&T any time ever.



AT&T can complain all they want, but the reality is, at least here in the Denver area, the network is worthless. 9 out of 10 calls drop, and most of my incoming calls go straight to VM. We have 2 iPhones in our family and use them for business and personal use. The AT&T network is so unreliable for voice as to be laughable. While the network may be more dependable in other parts of the country, here, we get no bars, all the time. I can't wait to switch networks.



Who does the celebrity voiceover for those cingluar/at&t ads?
Muscle Might

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