AT&T Still Hasn't Okay'd SlingPlayer App



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I have a Verizon phone that is equiped with WiFi and it works amazingly.
I dont have a data plan and if there is WiFi around I can still get on the internet.



I am usually not one to say anything bad about AT&T but this is just silly. I sure hope AT&T doesn't make up their own proprietary service for the iPhone that bans alternatives. I hate it when carriers make you have to use their junk and charge you more for it. Granted this is not as bad as when Verizon screws people out of WiFi or when Sprint absolutely destroyed the Motorola RAZR but it's awful non the less. Again this is not from a usual AT&T hater. I actually have had very good service so far from them. I don't know how from the stories I hear but I have.

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