AT&T Trialing New 3G MicroCell Service



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I live in the Charlotte metro area and initially was excited to hear that the pilot was in the area considering my sub-standard reception....then I continued to read. AT&T wants to charge me $240 a year as a wireless only customer to increase the quality of what I already pay for. I pay as much as someone with great service, but would need to pay more. Is in not cheaper to provide the microcell than build a new tower. I wonder at times about the brainiacs at AT&T. Next thing you know they will charge me for text messages and MMS even with unlimited data....wait, they are already doing that.



it's AT&T what do you expect with a logo like "bringing [your wallet] closer"



I live in the greater Phoenix area and constantly drop calls in my house. ATT has NO solution and they admit that my coverage isn't goo. Huh? in the 5th largest city in America? I hope to hell that Apple drops ATT. Their customer service is absolutely horrible.



especially considering the damn iphone picks up wifi on its own, why do i need the in-between bullshit device?

if it was free or one time charge, i'd understand... but come on at&t, realize that your head is far up your...



So, they will use hardware that connects to my home internet connection - that allows me to access the cell network? If my internet is from a different provider/carrier, I get to pay twice to use AT&T's phone? Wow, that sounds like a smokin' deal.



So let me get this strait, ATT (the death star) is going to charge "you" a *MONTHLY* fee to use "your" bandwidth to augment their sub-standard service??? Ummmm--- PASS!

I think that perhaps a nominal equipment fee to offset hardware/support costs might be appropriate.

Decent customer service would call for a monthly discount on your wireless bill for an active mini-cell site, but I know that's expecting too much from ATT.



Woo hoo ... We are one step closer. I am very excited to be able to use the phone in the house regardless if it's raining or not.

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