AT&T Will Require Mobile Share Plan for FaceTime Over Cellular



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This is ridiculous! I get awesome customer service, etc. The big perk is having the unlimited data plan. Except now I can't use my FaceTime. Crazy. Where is the loyalty to long time customers?! I guess I have to stick to sending video instead. Kinda stinks



the Plans are not RipOffs like other networks! it take money to give data. that being siad it was stupid to have Unlimited Data in the first place...


Susie Ochs

And give up my unlimited plan I've been hanging on to since 2008? You wish, AT&T.

I'm so going to Sprint when both mine and my husband's contracts are up. 



as a developer i have an iPhone on all the networks (including T-Moble) Sprint gets stuck connecting most of the time (Granted its a beta,) but AT&T (before the last beta) connected the fastest & with out fail. on Verizon i had trouble connecting in Dallas, and SanFran multiple times. Best network for Data Connection has always been AT&T for me, Verizon was the worst (Until Sprint got bigger)



AT&T just wants to force customers to there higher priced RIPOFF shared plan. It has nothing to do with the iPhone or anything else. Data is data and AT&T shouldn't force customers to change there data plan to use FaceTime.
What it will mean is customers will go to Verizon and Sprint for there plans so they can use there data and use FaceTime with whatever plan they want to use. AT&T will lose customers for this blatant screwing of customers, trying to force them to higher priced RIPOFF plans nobody wants and certainly nobody wants to pay for.

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