Australian iPad Buyers: No iBooks For You!



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Don´t have external flash for read pdf´s ? No way!! Let´s wait for HP, Dell and others for better open product.



I'm in the UK, and it appears to be absent from iPads all across the Commonwealth. Clearly Apple just hates us all. My guess as to why is our awesome way of spelling programme or connexion. They're just jealous and don't want our money. So I vote we don't give it to them, since they won't even give us our own localised languages on their OS. Remember the old UK Localised English on Mac OS Classic? I do. It was back when Apple cared about me, the user more than their than Mac OS X or it's marketability. Oh well, since Microsoft claims to listen to their users and their complaints I might go over there.



Just read the article regarding the ibook store not being mentioned on the Australian web site and wanted t add that it is absent from the Canadian Apple web site as well.

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