The Beatles Invade iTunes, Take Over Apple Website



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yeah, and can we MAKE IT STOP!!!! pleeeeease



With such an iconic band and Jobs's fanboy love, I would have expected them to at least have the box set in an Apple Lossless option.



OK. I understand Jobs is a Beatle-mania guy. He could decorate his house in the likeness of McCartney for all I care. He should not think the rest of the world gives two cr@ps about a 60's "rock" band. Were they big? Yes. Are there still some older people who pine for the "good ol days" still interested? Sure. Is this earth-shattering, or a game changer? Absolutely not. I have no idea why, but this just seems to piss me off big time. Missteps, missed opportunities, quirky problem, but this Beatle obsession from Jobs has me seriously pissed and I have no idea why. A byline, or a small statement, at best for the addition of an old rock band to the iTunes arsenal is all that was needed. I hope Jobs gets flak for something so stupid.



what the hell is this beatle town or itunes



The Beatles were and are wonderful, and if you've had to wait until now to buy their music, then this is great news. The reality is that you've been able to buy their complete collection, in my case on a flash drive stuck into a pretty green aluminum apple, from the Beatles for years.

This isn't really new other than as a source of additional income for everyone involved. Nothing particularly wrong with that, it just isn't new or exciting. Really should have bought Apple stock back in the days when it was cheap in which case I might well find this new and exciting.

I can see from the perspective of Apple Inc, itself that on a personal level this is a wonderfully symbolic event, beyond the views of curmudgeons like me. Enjoy the music folks. Beep-beep 'n beep-beep, Yeah!



Hey everyone! Who wants to buy music you already got for free decades ago? Oh and BTW, you know you can send letters electronically now?

Pathetic. Apple is quickly destroying its "announcement" reputation.



Yes, this announcement was a total and complete letdown. Although it's nice that Bettles fans can purchase and download their favorite songs through iTunes, it's not a game changer for me. I'm actually surprised by all the hype since we've always been able to add songs to iTunes manually. So, in other words, the news has NO IMPACT at all on my life.

And yes, the something I'll never forget about today is that it's when I made the decision to NEVER buy into the hype of an Apple announcement. Okay, I'm naive, but I was hoping a CDMA iPhone was the "one last thing" that would be announced today. What a bummer and Apple should be ashamed!



This is just sad. Who cares about the Beatles? Apple doesn't do things very often that piss me off, but with this they have.



thehive said it perfectly. Really? I feel duped. Apple has jumped the shark on this one.



...this is great for anyone who doesn't already own those albums and/or have already converted them to their favorite digital format already...10 years ago.



I guess it's for the technically challenged. Ripping CDs must be hard for some folks...

A review from the box set link:

by John Sheffer
Thanks, Beatles (Paul and Ringo) and Yoko and Olivia. Although I bought both CD box sets last year, I will purchase again in this format. What a great edition to my digital music library. I grew up with these songs and they've aged better than I have. What a great day for all of us. Big thanks to Steve Jobs for his persistence in getting these tracks for the iTunes Store.

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