Bitcasa Announces Tiered Pricing, Infinite Storage No Longer a Bargain



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Francisco Domínguez


I think Bitcasa is a good service for its capacity and other benefits like its encryption. I studied it in several posts in my blog, becoming a Bitcasa's "handbook" and I hope you enjoy them. Just search for "bitcasa manual" in Google and it will be the first page.

It's in Spanish language but you can translate easly and fair enough with Google Translator integrated at the top right of the blog. I wait for your comments there!

Kind regards,




there pulling an AT&T move... lets make the ones who use the service pay for the ones who don't!!!!



Well bye bye Bitcasa. Thanks for the bait and switch.


Kyle James Frazer

Why on earth would anyone need 5TB's of storage? If you get close to that, you seriously need to look at a de-clutter.



WHY?: Because there not you... they have more data then you.... go back to your cluttered paper mess please, or understand how this is the "age of data." (end rant)

I have about 20GB run through my Mac a Day... Bitcasa worked because i could store it... and i don't have to recreate or download something again...



before this and now going to have to again... i would buy a 2 4TB every month for about $250... now it look as if that will still be cheaper now as 8TB's will only run me about $70... and i don't have to pay to a company that lies about what it will do

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