Is a Black MacBook Air On Its Way?



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I guess Jony Ives' departure is finally a reality. A glossy black finish looks great for about 10 minutes. After that, its nothing but finger smudges and dings. Sorry Keoni, but if Apple goes this direction, I won't be buying.



Bright orange just like the clamshells!



I think a black MBA would be wicked-cool. (As long as it's not a fingerprint-magnet.)

Having a Thunderbolt port and the right peripherals would make the amount of onboard storage capacity a trivial point. ALSO cool :) I'm guessing that the Thunderbolt transfer speed would far exceed that of any HDD's capability of reading and writing (including the internal SSD of the MBA.)

...but anyway: I'd like to see British Racing Green! (Not gonna happen, but it would be neat.)

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