Boom Goes the iPhone



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Almost enough for me to wish that Apple hadn't been greening their products. Then the idiot would have gotten mercury poisoning.



How does a PC have more freedom? Macs work all the time, so you are free to do what you want. PCs keep you chained to a desk waiting for the machine to work. If he really wanted to piss off apple (and AT&T, who is one of the major problems), he should have jailbroken his iPhone.



Am I the only one impressed that it stopped the first bullet. Kind of makes me feel a little more secure if I am walking around in the shady part of town....



is the lack of google voice really a good reason to shoot up your new iphone? does this guy know that it can still do other things? he should have downloaded an app with a target on it. that would have enhanced the production value of his video.



Sad, wasted some cash on a amazing phone because he threw a hissy fit over something Apple may have not even been directly responsible for."*WAAA!* I'll show you, I'll smash this expensive iPhone I bought from you."Oh wait thats right, thats your you phone you paid and shot up with a gun, they already have your money and could care less what you did with it, or even the fact that you still have a contract for the phone service but no phone, lol.Which is more sad, the phone being destroyed, or this guys intelligence?


Christine Chan

That was cool and sad at the same time for me.

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