Boxee to Recieve Sony Pictures Online Video



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My major complaint with Boxee, Plex, etc is that they try and duplicate the functionality of Front Row/AppleTV. All I want is a way to add content to those fine players.  Such as adding YouTube, Last.FM, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, STARZ, SHO, etc to Front Row/AppleTV, not replace them. This is why I like Hulu so well, it's not looking to dupe functionality that these, (Front Row/AppleTV,) already have, such as looking for my Movies, Music, and Pictures and displaying them. These apps, (Boxee, Plex, etc.,) functionality is fine for those who are looking to replace Front Row/AppleTV's interfaces but, I for one am not, this is why I don't use these kinds of apps. Now if Hulu could add functionality like Emergency Broadcast System, local weather, RSS/Podcast News feeds, and provide more content, (such as I list above,) it would be an almost perfect app.  As it stands now, it's only half way there in my opinion, as I don't see them adding content in the near future that is similar to Comcast's "ON-Demand" Starz channel's "Early Premiers".  Where you can watch the content prior to it's being shown on the channel and/or first run movies on opening day, (while they are at the theaters,) which is something I'd be most interested in, even at a small fee. ($7-10 ea. to be able to view opening day movies, $20-30/mo. to be able to view "Early Premiers" á la carte.  As in $7/mo. for Starz, $7/mo for Sho, etc. or $20-30/mo for all stations.)  Until this happens, along with a way to purchase the content I'm currently viewing, (since they don't want for me to be able to record it,) I can't get rid of cable.

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