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Good story well written... This is why I keep coming back for more from Maclife. Keep on this track guys..



Why I switched to Dropbox...

"Sync desktop files to Box
Want to access your Box files right on your desktop? That's what Box Sync is all about. You can also sync your desktop files directly to Box. More good news: Box Sync lets your whole team do the same, so edits and updates appear on everyone's desktop - automatically.

Box Sync is available for free to Box Business and Enterprise users"



I'm nothing like you. I would never go shameless posting my Dropbox referral link, even if it would give people 250 MB free space on top of the free 2 GB they normally get, and give me the same. Dropbox refferal link spam just gets out of control on some articles and I just don't approve of that kind of greedy behavior. So good luck ever finding my Dropbox referral link anywhere.



Seems to operate along the same lines as the others. It's the only one I've tried so far, but it works pretty well. I'd love to hear opinions/comparisons.



I thought Mozy (and BackBlaze and Carbonite) were more about complete backup, whereas and Dropbox are more about syncing select data with the cloud and multiple computers. Or does Mozy do some of both?

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