BulletTrain Express Unites Your Keyboard and Magic Trackpad



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aaaaaaa... i just checked there website, it's $129.00 plus $10.00 for shipping...

so what's up with the $30.00 dollar price hike???

still not too bad, if it works as good as it looks...



"BulletTrain Express Unites Your Keyboard and Magic Trackpad"...
Shouldn't your headline reads: "BulletTrain Express Unites Your Keyboard WITH Magic Trackpad"?

Just a thought!



When reading about this gadget for the first time I've headed to Bullettrain's website to place the order and when I realized I cannot place it I wrote an email to "them". To my big surprise I have received a phone call from Jake, designer of Express and man behind this company. He explained me in details how the Express works and even offered to find the way how to get the Express delivered to Germany where I reside. What a brilliant customer care!!!!

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