Busted! Despite Crossbows And Ziplines, Smugglers Caught Moving Apple Products



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This so typical of the corrupt chinese.... That have been instilled with the motto of make money any way any how... Does not matter if they dont pay taxes or have to pay off a official or to create cheap knock offs and illegally import them into the US and sell as the "Real deal" can we say North face 400 jacket for 50 bucks on ebay? can we say Dr Dre headphones for 75 bucks? can we say the Mac store in china complete with employees and mock up iphone posters and items? But yet did the USA do any to them or fine them? nope why Obama lovers dont realize we owe china to much money now to be able to do anything about all of this... Dont buy chinese made product.. Dont buy from ebay which is about 80% fake and knock off prouducts coming from china. So many forget that this is still a communist country..



Hah, someone was watching The Dark Knight! They were just lacking the airplane ready grappling hook/weather balloon.

Points for effort though.

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