Buy a New MacBook Air? You’ll Have to Install Your Own Darn Flash



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Windows machines don't have Flash installed either, you have to do it yourself.



Wow, that is so interesting! I can't believe it doesn't come with Flash, but at least it works on it unlike the iPad (lame!). I'd be more concerned with getting internet. Netbooks are basically just for browsing, and the Air has Wi-Fi capability so I would suggest the Rover Puck 4G. 4G is the fastest kind of mobile internet out there, and has no data caps from Rover. Plus, it's prepaid for as long as you want it so you're not locked into a contract. It's worth checking out, whether you are getting a new Air or you just want internet with you on whatever you're using already.

Jamala at


Dirk Pitt

Does Adobe invent in making the Mac Book Air??? No! Adobe thinks they own the internet, why does apple need to install "Flash" I never bought a machine that had it installed. If "Flash" is truly internet base, the install when you buy the machine. But NO the author of this article probably cried when we bought a glass and found out that he need to go get water for it on his own.



You'll recall that Apple got grief for shipping Snow Leopard install disks with a version of Adobe Flash that had been replaced with an important security update sometime after the disk went Golden Master.

So Apple is bad for shipping Flash, and now it's bad for not shipping it.

The whole thing about Adobe would go away if they would just ship a decent version of it for the various platforms that people actually use to browse the web in 2010.



There are two ways to respond to this article:

1. Apple owes Adobe nothing and should give them nothing. When Adobe thought they could get away with, they virtually abandoned the Mac during the dark says of Apple. In addition, their software is over-priced, buggy, and has the worst type of copy protection that I've seen. I wish they would fail and if Apple can hasten their failure, then good.

2. Flash is full of security holes. Everyone knows this. There are new versions of Flash released on a regular basis to plug these holes. Whatever version of Flash Apple might include with new Macs would be out-of-date (and insecure) almost immediately. In addition, by including insecure software with new Macs, Apple might be partially liable. It's better to force users to download a completely new version of Flash if that user wants to. I'm a Mac user and I do install Flash; however, I use extensions in all of my browsers so that I have to click on a Flash object in a browser in order to see that object. I end up clicking on about 5% of Flash objects. Personally, I wish Flash would die a fast death along with Adobe

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