Calvin and Hobbes Collections Now on iBooks



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Matt Musselman

It seems all the Calvin and Hobbes ebooks have now been removed from both the US and Canada stores. I wonder what happened?



Ditto Matt's question -- looks like they're still available for the Kindle, but not anymore in the iBookstore. No one has yet published a redaction saying this -- I wish one of the Mac publications would look into this.


Leif Johnson

Hmmm, checked elsewhere, and it looks like you're right. Updated. Thanks for the tip!



This is not the entirety of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. These are ebooks of the three "treasury collections". Each book collected two existing books, so this is only the first six books worth of Calvin & Hobbes comics. There are five books remaining for a total of 11. So these ebooks would only get you to about 1990.

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