Can You Hear Me Now? AT&T Has Undergone “Drastic Makeover”



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Don't blame AT&T's service for your problems when it's actually the device that's having the problem. It seems pretty funny the ones who are complaining are using iPhones and other PDA's but not the average joe using a cellphone. Those PDA's generally have weaker signal strengths due to their antennas and other interferences due to other broadcasting chips they have installed, amongst other reasons. I hear people here complaining their iPhone barely gets 1-2 bars when my Nokia is getting a full 5 bars in the exact same location at the exact same moment. Turning off their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth helps their signals somewhat but still it's not anywhere as strong as mine with Bluetooth turned on. (I don't have Wi-Fi on my current phone.) Therefore I can only attest to what I have actually seen firsthand and that is those phones are just having internal problems with getting their signals and need their receivers boosted.



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With a nod to Loup407, I've had the opposite experience. And yes, we're talking apples and oranges with performance vs. coverage. I'm in Dallas and the coverage is exceptional (mostly), thus my experience has been wonderful--while in Dallas.I travel frequently to Houston and back, mostly by car, and the 250 miles in between is shoddy at best, barely getting even Edge coverage. Compared to the 200 miles between Dallas-Austin (which is almost ALL 3G, and strong 3G at that) the I-45 coverage is miserable. It's surprising since that's a highly travelled route between the largest and second largest metropolitan areas in the southern half of the U.S.I can't complain; I just wish I had more coverage on that drive, otherwise, I love the service I've gotten from AT&T.  --Jay



I am happy with AT&T! I live just outside of Philly and have always got great service except for a few dead zones near Norristown. But I have also traveled with my iPhone and have received excellent 3G in Pittsburgh, Orlando and Washington DC. The only places I had poor performance was along the Appalachian trail in Maryland where I could not even get Edge.

Before I got my 3Gs, I was able to get full bars and edge in Elkins, WV. Back when I went to school there, I had a verizon phone. I barely got one bar if any bars at all.



It's clear that Denver must not have been one of the cities in which they ran the test. AT&T's service here has been abysmal,and has gotten worse. It's possible 3G here is faster, when you can get it, but the voice network is barely functional. What calls I do get (many go straight to voice mail) drop, with my signal strength inexplicably cycling back and forth from five bars to "no service", while my iphone is sitting on my desk. Granted, being close to the mountains is a challenging environment, but I was in Salt Lake City a month ago (with more mountains in more directions) and got better coverage.



Where's all the Verizon people at now?!? Still trying to upload their comments?!?

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