Canadian Carrier Claims New iPhone in June



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Not sure if you noticed when you linked us to "Saskatel", but its SaskTel. As in Saskatchewan Telecommunications. Also it's interesting to see that they say they will be getting the "new iPhone" as just like in the United States and other countries, Rogers got exclusive rights to the iPhone and then later it was allowed on other carriers. If we follow the same theme, SaskTel will most certainly not be chosen as the exclusive iPhone carrier for the very basic reason that they only operate in the province of Saskatchewan. As soon as you leave the province your roaming on Telus or Bell's network. SaskTel is not owned by either company, and you will NOT find a SaskTel store out of the province. They are a crown corporation owned by the government and I think they may not realise that the Apple doesn't just give out the iPhone to any carrier, especially such a small one like SaskTel. Plus I'm pretty sure Apple would have made it perfectly clear to SaskTel's CEO that he can't talk about "the new iPhone", otherwise he just broke Apple NDA, bye bye iPhone.

Good to know the new network will be up and running July 1st tho. Now Saskatchewan will FINALLY have a HSPA network (Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been the only two provinces for almost a year without a HSPA provider other than Rogers). People are always asking when the new network will be up. I work for Virgin Mobile, Virgin is owned by Bell, Bell has an agreement with SaskTel to use their towers. Thanks Mac|Life for keeping me up to date with stuff happening even in my own province! Just fix that Saskatel thing :P



its just "SaskTel" not "Saskatel"


Seamus Bellamy

My bad - Thanks for the head's up.

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