Celebrity iCloud Leaks the Fault of Weak Passwords, Apple Says



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1) Silly girls should know better than to hang their pics out in the cloud like that.
2) Passwords are a nightmare: We all log on to dozens of different sites and not always the same ones every day. Years could go by before you revisit, so how are you supposed to remember what word you used back then? And under pain of death, do not write it down.
3) Every webmaster has his own smartass ideas of what form a password should take (Apple Store, anyone?) so it's impossible to know upfront what he is going to want and very few will tell you. They take perverse pleasure in spinning out the agony. Hopefully until you give up and take your business elsewhere.
4) And my personal favorite: You get de-registered for no reason at all; even if you do get the username and password right.
5) We need a single, secure formula that can be used everywhere and eventually remembered.

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