Changes Coming to Apple Stores in Time For the Holidays



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Christine Chan

Are always packed. I've been to Santa Monica and Brea in the SoCal area (LA/OC). Yes, they are packed, all the time. It's hard to get an employee but when I do I've only had good experiences with them. Cept the Genius that sorta gave me a hard time about my iPhone when I wanted to get a replacement screen due to dust under the glass...other than that I've only had pleasant experiences. I think that genius was having a bad day or something.


In King of Prussia, PA (largest retail mall on the east coast) I have got nothing but great service. They did turn the checkout area into a genius bar, but they left one of the spots up there as a cash register with a line. While waiting in line, random green and blue shirts will approach and ask if your paying via cash or credit. If you say credit they will check you out on the spot and you leave. The only problem is that the store is constantly packed with customers and takes some skill to actually get to the shelves or display computers.



I agree with everyone. The only time I visit the Apple store is to buy a computer or iPod. As much as I love Apple stuff, I hate dealing with employees. You have to be agressive and get in their space. Do they really not make commission? Sure seems like it.



The problem with the Apple stores are the employees, not the color shirts or checkout computers they use. Their employees are more interested in selling Macs or iPods then helping out a customer who just wants to buy an off the shelf piece of hardware or software.

I once went to the Apple store in the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, CA. I was there to purchase a powerblock for my old Powerbook G4. It was an off the shelf product, so I was hoping to be in and out within 7 minutes. However, I couldn't find anyone to do checkout. I eventually went to an orange shirt employee. He tried several times to get a checkout person (I believe that was a green shirt). He finally sent me over to one. But when I went over, this employee was attempting to sell a Mac Pro and didn't bother to help me. Eventually I just stayed right next to the back door (where the employees magically appear or disappear from time to time. And as soon as a green shirt employee came out, I stepped in front and asked to be checked out. It was the only way I was going to get complete my transaction. And of course I had to give that employee my opinion of the service. I left my contact info, as he said he would let the store branch manager know. And I actually did get a call the next day.

I told her of my experience and she admitted that, it has been an issue ever since they removed the dedicated registers. (a year prior I was able to walk in and buy a Mac game and just go to the checkout counter, like in any normal store) She apologized of course, but I haven't been back to that Apple store ever since.

I now avoid the brick and mortar Apple stores. I only buy online or at the Apple sections of my local Best Buy, at least there I can just pick up whatever I want to buy and walk to a cashier.

Oh and after I had gotten checked out and left the Apple store, I looked at my watch and realized almost 30 minutes had elapsed from the time I walked in and picked up the product box to the time I left the store. And it wasn't even during the holiday season, it was a nice summer day. It took 30 minutes to buy an off the shelf product.



When we got our Apple store there was never a checkout counter.  The color code thing was not as it is now either.  they had a greeter, who would greet and direct you, but anyone would help with anything.  Then they would grab the device and ring you up right there.  The ticket was under the tables.  This system worked well.  They should revisit it.

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