Chase Mobile Update Brings iPhone Check Deposit



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Unfortunately your deposits are limited to $1000 per day and $3000 per month. That at least is as of the current release (2/2011). Doesn't help me that my biweekly handwritten paychecks exceed that.



How do you sign up for quick deposit from your iPhone? I believe it just referenced me to visit
Anyone know how to get that notice back on my iPhone for me to sign up for it?
I already tried deleting and reinstalling the app.



It's called Deposit@Mobile... this is the official name that USAA uses for it. Check it out, it's in the App store as we speak. Also Bank of America has this feature as well.



USAA has pioneered this movement but it will not get the spotlight because of it's community. I'm pretty sure Chase probably pays USAA to use this feature. Guess what, it was introduced on the iPhone when the 3Gs first came out. So I have been using this service for about a year now.



I thought the next technological advancement would be to move away from physical checks completely. The concept of QuickPay, although who knows how secure it is, seems like the next logical step. Kudos to Chase for taking this step and I might consider returning to their banking just for this!



USAA has been doing this for some time with their DepositMobile service across multiple platforms.

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