Chicago Sun-Times Fires Entire Photography Staff in Favor of iPhone Media



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Their "video reasoning" is bogus. This is strictly an economic saving measure in an attempt to plug the holes in a sinking ship. Settling for mediocrity will only hasten their demise.



Anyone with any aesthetic and historical sense knows that a reporter with an iPhone is no substitute for a real photographer.

There are classic photos that have been central to news stories...and will live in people's collective memory. The idea that photography is only needed for magazines such as the National Geographic and not for newspapers or the web demonstrates a lack of understanding of what photography is and what can it do.

Just as an old-time reporter may have a nose for a story; the photographer has an eye for a picture. They know light, contrast, composition, and significance.

Sadly, the same mentality at work here is also the one the discards workers, demeans the culture, and undermines aesthetic sensibilities. (Alas, along with eliminating photographers, investigative reporting is going by the board, too!)



Unfortunate as it is for photographers, the industry is changing and the Sun-Times is just trying to keep up. This isn't National Geographic, it's news. It's not like the 1960's when the President got shot and you read the morning paper to find out what happened. They had perhaps more time to send photographers out to take gorgeous pictures. Nowadays everyone has a camera in their pocket, and you can capture and upload. had video of the West, TX incident up on their front page, and it wasn't shot by pros with outrageously expensive equipment.

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