Chinese Scalpers Book Genius Bar Appointments in China, Sell Them Online



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I really don't think the Chinese care. They are used to this sort of thing. For the Chinese govt. It keeps money flowing.



correction (Beijing in particular--the most populated city in the most populated country in the world.)
its shanghai thats the most populous city... Beijing is the capital.

also why is this a big sup prise its being done here in the USA all the time...



If someone is trying to sell you a Genius appointment then call Apple and let them know about it. Find out there name and such. Genius appointments are free of charge. I'm sure Apple is looking into this situation and will do something about it as soon as it comes up with a fix. But for anyone who needs an appointment please don't pay anyone for it because they are ripping you off!
So if they made an appointment already then they would have had to have put in a name and an email address. If Apple finds the name and emails don't match with the person walking in then the people making the appointments could be black listed and Apple could free those appointments back up for real customers. Also anyone who pays for one of those rip off appointments should let Apple know who they are and that way Apple can remove them from the appointment list so they won't have to pay next time. Either way this should be able to be fixed because whoever adds the appointments needs to put in a name and email at least. If it is fake then Apple should be able to remove them making room for real customers.

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