Circuit City Finds Windows Vista Entertaining



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weird that they would associate the word 'Entertainment' with an operating system. and its odd that Circuit City and Vista are both being lowered into the ground with a team of gravediggers standing by ... shovels in hand ... waiting to finish the job.

i saw Best Buy computer salesman practically assault a woman in store. she made the mistake of asking him for help buying a computer. and all he did was upsell, upsell, upsell. i considered intervening but the gray haired lady realized this guy was out to sell her everything but the kitchen sink and made a hasty retreat.

when i'm bored and i want to wander around Best Buy and not get hassled ... i ask if they have any pc's running Ubuntu ( when approached by sales people ). that stops them in their tracks.




That was hilarious.

I don't really like BestBuy. The stock is good but the staff is than helpful and the store is hard to navigate. Today, I was there with a friend browsing and found Diablo II but weren't sure it was a universal binary or even OSX compatible (said OS 8.6+). So we went to a near by PC to google it. An employee immediately tried to help us, insisting he knew plenty about Macintosh games so we asked him if it worked on Intel or PowerPC macs. His answer: "A quad-core system will work fine."

Sleepless Nights &  Wakeless Days



Isn,t it any wonder they have to close there doors.So many times I have been in there stores and couldn't get anyone to answers my questions. Now today I went to a Best Buy and although there was plenty of employees on the sales floor no one could answer a basic question about netbooks, that is will the charging units for these netbooks work both on 120 and 220 voltage and what is the capacity difference between a 16GB SS HD and a 160 GB sata HD. With this kind of competence of there sales floor, they will end up in the same boat as Circuit City and Com USA



"Good riddance, Circuit City. We'll bury you right next to CompUSA, and reserve a plot for Best Buy in the hope that it will soon join you."

Harsh words there, Brendan. I'm wondering why it is you don't like Best Buy? Especially nowadays, what with their big Mac display areas, I'm quite a big fan. Their Rewards program is AMAZING! While it's true, I am partial to Fry's Electronics, nothing beats Best Buy's convenience and many locations across the country.

Walt D in LV


Brendan Bartholomew

Dealnews ran a piece recently in which they showed that Circuit City's going-out-of-business "liquidation" prices were not only higher than the prices offered by online and brick-and-mortar competitors; they were higher, in some cases, than Circuit City's own pre-bankruptcy prices! This is true even for open-box merchandise.

Good riddance, Circuit City. We'll bury you right next to CompUSA, and reserve a plot for Best Buy in the hope that it will soon join you.



you can run it on your Mac for a laugh if your really, really want to. That's too funny.

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