Consumer Reports Readers Think The Worst of AT&T



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I have been with ATT since it was Cingular always had the same problems, drop calls, echo tones, stuck in a contract between 2 phones. When I got the iphone I thought the drop calls would get better. But when the police go by the seem to jam my signal and I get this beeping noise in the middle of a conversation. I went to the police station and complained. And asked them what there problem was. And told them they should mind their business, I am talking to family. Go listen to some crimminals conversation and stop jamming my signals on my phone.

They found a way to do the same thing to my house phone to and I have Comcast. Now I have to call the FCC. Any way that was off the subject. Verizon I had as a landline phone and everytime I paid the bill they would shut off my phone. So I shut off the service. they were disappointed but I got all my money back from them and told them that they were a waste of my time. You can't treat disabled people that way.

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