Consumer Reports Survey: AT&T Takes Last Place in Customer Satisfaction



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AT&T is kind of like Windows. Everyone tells them they have a crappy product/service and they [have to] realize they have a crappy product/service. But, instead of pumping money into R&D to fix the crappiness, they instead put all of their chips into marketing (PR) to try and convince people that their product/service is not crappy.

I would LOVE to have an iPhone but not at the expense of putting up with the worst cell phone carrier in the nation!



After having my iPhone since last May, I really haven't had too many problems with it/the service. The only major thorn in my side is the text plans, but in the day of text terrorism, I am finding my usage climb closer to that magical 1500 (I mean, come on, I have over 1200 roll-over minutes).

Home is in Toledo, school is in Bowling Green, and everywhere in between I have pretty good coverage given that it's Ohio. On that note, the only time I've totally lost coverage was when I had to go to some rural/podunk town for work one day. It was actually kind of nice... until I got coverage again... damn text messaging.



I would not buy a new iPhone, unless they have it available on the Verizon network. Until then, I might just get an iPod Touch.

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