Could Apple TV Become Your Next Cable Set-Top Box?



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For me this isn't exciting news at all. I already have an Apple TV 3 so I definitely don't want to shell out a few extra hundred bucks for another set top box. What I'd really like is for Apple to invest some more time, energy and money in the product that they've already sold to millions of people. Apple TV is in desperate need of an App store. I'd also like to see it support HBO Go thorugh Airplay or have an App for it. Now I realize having HBO Go would cost Apple money because then people won't buy HBO shows through I Tunes but I think Apple can afford to give in to their customers on that small scale seeing as how they make so much money already. The fact that certain apps aren't available for Airplay Mirroring is also a big disappointment. I spend alot of money with Apple so I feel that their customers could use some consideration when it comes to making us feel completely satisfied with their existing products. Lastly I would really like to see an NFL app for Apple TV. I'd like to be able to purchase a single live game to watch at home through Apple TV. I'd even be down for a subscription to all games. I don't understand why Apple with all of their money hasn't worked out some sort of a deal with the NFL. Not everyone can get Direct TV due to the constraints of a satellite dish. Apple could make a killing off selling a single game or some type of subscription much like the NFL Pre-season Live App I paid $20 for on my I Pad. It's works with Airplay is overall pretty cool. Why can't they come up with something like that for live regular season games? Anyway if anyone from Apple is reading this how about focusing your time and energy on just making the already popular set top box that you've been selling for quite some time, better?

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