Could This Be The Fourth Generation iPod touch?



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The camera looks like it's too close to the edge of the iPod. And if it really was the 4th gen. Then it would have iOS4 running on it.



I call bogus. Wouldn't the image show iOS4 wallpaper and dock? The case really look like the one I have already for my Touch 3rd gen. Is it me or I can't even see a hole in the case for the camera?



There is no hole in the case, and the iPod in the picture still runs iOS 2.0! In addition, the article says that the company mentioned predicted the camera on the iPod mini, but the iPod mini never had a camera. In that case, I think they meant iPod nano, since the iPod mini was discontinued almost 5 years ago.



“Even if it is hard to have a perfect view through the case, it looks like the back is rounded, unlike the one of the new iPhone, and of course, there is a camera and a flash,”

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