Could the iPhone Be Coming to T-Mobile?



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Well frankly, this makes a hellofalotta more sense than the iPhone-to-Verizon rumours because there are no hardware issues to circumvent. Like it or not, T-Mobile uses the same GSM technology as AT&T (and the rest of the world), meaning that if they wanted to, Apple could have the iPhone on T-Mobile's network tomorrow. Verizon, stubbornly, continues to use CDMA meaning that Apple needs to develop an entirely different wireless chip, which means two separate iPhone fabs, etc. Unfortunately, with tens of millions of phones currently in use by their customers, it's not like Verizon can simply switch technologies, (nor would they necessarily want to if they could.) Latest rumours suggest Apple is hankering after a dual band chip, which would probably make more sense for everybody. However, even if that wonderphone is rolled out, there's absolutely no evidence to suggest that the iPhone wouldn't tank Verizon's network just as quickly as it tanked AT&T's. In fact, I think I will pose this question in the next MacLife podcast and see if I can get the inside goods on phone technology from people smarter than me.



There are already so many iPhone users on it. This would just make it legal.



First they say that the iPhone is going to be on Verizon. Now, they saw its going to be on T-Mobile. What next? It's going to be on Sprint? Yeah right! I'll believe it when I see it. And even if it does go to T-mobile, I still won't be satisfied. Many of my friends have told me that T-mobile's coverage is not that great. I want it on Verizon!

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