Current Software For iPad Won't Allow Tethering



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Windows has been officially banned by Google employees. There are speculations as to why they did this, the biggest being that they are releasing their Google OS soon. Windows is also said to have to numerous protection difficulties. Let me break that myth down for you. Windows security difficulties has minor to do with their quality of programming even though they do have a lot more hackers than the others. They're targeted merely simply because they are the largest applied operating system in America. If Mac was the highest employed program within the States, Mac would have the most bugs, and so forth. Everyone who's likely to spend the time and energy to hack running systems, is going to hack into the ones that can give them the best benefit, not the little guys.



I believe this would mean allowing the iPhone to act as a mobile hotspot, letting and iPad or laptop join a wifi network the iPhone creates to share it's 3G data connection.

Doesn't sound dumb to me...



What is "tethering over Wifi" sounds like some pretty dumb bleep.

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