Customers Reporting Problems with iPhone Pre-orders [Updated]



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I think -- I repeat, I think my order finally went through tonight after 15 hours of "errors" and "oops". Why does every one of these iPhone roll outs leave Apple with egg on their face? One can say its all AT&T's fault, but then why does Apple continue to partner with a company that is so incompetent? It was easier to install Vista on a friends computer than it was to preorder a new iPhone.



I have been trying since 6 a.m. Pacific time and still no luck. I can't order for delivery, or even store pick up. I've tried the Apple site and AT&T site. It seems as though the failure is once again on At&t's shoulders. This has to be the biggest failure of any of the iPhone launches so far. I would love to know at the end of the day, just how many orders were actually received by Apple compared to how many they anticipated. There are two people in my home, each of us are trying to order a new phone, and it simply can't be done. What is going to happen on the 24th, when all these new phones are being activated, it's going to be a blood bath. AT&T has some explaining to do for sure.



I was expecting a mad attack on the sites, so I just went to my local AT&T store as soon as it opened and pre-ordered it there. There servers were down, though, and they had to take credit cards the old fashioned way with pen and paper, but I'm still getting my black (ugh) iPhone 4 on June 24th in the mail.



So if you don't mind having to go to your local Apple Store (If you have one near) here is how to get it reserved quickly.

On your iPhone (Assuming you already have one) download the Apple Store App

Open Apple Store Apple and click reserve iPhone 4

Choose Your Location

Enter in your last 4 digits of SSN and Zip Code

Confirm reservation

Email will be sent within 5 mins saying "Pick up your reserved iPhone on June 24th at 7:00am"

Whole process takes less than 5 mins

I had been sitting at the computer trying since 9 am EDT with no success until I tried the new Apple Store App

Hope that Helps! ; )



are only consistently working online for those that aren't upgrading. AT&T's systems, which are required for purchasing an upgrade through, are unable to handle the load. After trying for 2.5 hours this morning, I went to my local AT&T store. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea as there was a pretty good line. After waiting for 30 minutes, I finally got to a sales person. They did as much as they could using their systems and manually processed the rest because they couldn't get into their system either. They *claim* that I'll still receive my iPhone 4 on release date delivered to my home. We'll see.



I got an error after the add to cart screen. But when I checked to see if it made it in the cart, it was there. So i was able to checkout. So if any of you made to the 'add to cart' screen and got an error after that it might have still made it to the cart.



I was able to get further earlier this morning (CDT) than I am now! I cannot get past the contacting ATT page from the Apple Store when attempting to pre-order either a 16GB or 32GB phone. I tried both just out of curiosity.



I was able to reserve a new iPhone 4 16 GB using the Apple Store app around noon. I am currently a 3G user who is upgrading.

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