The Daily Loses $10 Million in First Quarter, Racks Up 800k Downloads



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I'd like to see this succeed. Good Journalism costs money and only a paid system will cover the costs without the risk of advertisers exorcizing editorial influence. It's a good thing. If The Daily folds I can see this chilling any other efforts toward this.

However IMO Rupert Murdoch has nothing to do with good journalism. All of his News Corp productions just ooze bias like a hagfish oozes slime. I don't watch FOX and I won't be subscribing to the Daily. I don't even trust the Wall Street Journal any longer because it's now a News Corp drone.

So I want the idea to succeed but want Murdoch to fail.

Very ambivalent on this.



This has to be long term investment. I hope people are not looking at this project and expecting a quick turnaround and profits. This is a shift is the news business model. They will need to be patient and put out a great content that people are willing to pay for.

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