Deals: Last Chance to Save on Mac Keeper



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i've read a lot of reviews that say this isn't bad. it's even in the mac store if i remember correctly.

doesn't matter. good or bad. they are the most obnoxious advertisers around. when i get a popup from them, and i have block popups on, then they're basically saying, hey, i don't care what you prefer, we're going to shove it down your throat anyway.

i read the owner of the company says it's other people who sell their product that do this. well, pumpkin, don't make them an authorized seller. it's all on you.



Worse thing you can put on your Mac. Very poor software. There are so many horror stories about MacKeeper. The Mac support group I use must get over a dozen people a week falling foul to MacKeeper.

Very disappointing that MacLife keeps pushing this malware



Steaming Pile of Poo! Nuff said!

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