Deals: Make Your Mac Your Blu-Ray Player with This Great Program



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Kip Vaughan

I don't know if I would call it a "great" app.

I just bought a Blu-ray player this month and downloaded the trial of this app. Upon the first time trying to play a Blu-ray the disk got stuck in my machine and would not come out. I tried ejecting it through the program, I tried ejecting it through the Finder, and even restarting the machine to get the disk to come out and eventually I got it to eject. So keep in mind that this product still has some bugs in it. I used version 2.8.8. I haven't had any problem getting DVDs to eject.

Also the program doesn't give you any access to the menus that you see when you start up the disk on your TV's Blu-ray player. So all the extras that come with the disk you can forget about watching. The player only allows you to watch the main movie itself. Unfortunately I haven't used the program on a retina screen so I can't comment on the quality you get there that is no doubt much better then trying to watch a DVD on a retina screen. I would like to hear someone talk about the Retina screen experience with this app.

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