Dell Compares "Apples to Apples"--Theirs are a Little Rotten



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That's exactly the point, only stuck up douche bags drive a lexus and go around telling people how great they are.

Also @theshark15
And you believe everything Apple says?

Frankly I don't care about either company. I just find it sad enough (to make me sign up and comment) that people give a s***. Rather than using their brain and finding something that does what they want for a reasonable price. Then people wonder why there is so much debt in the U.S. for example. It's funny that debt is proportionate to the lack of any real intelligence. Let me go out and put this $2,000 mac on my credit card instead of saving up $800 for a machine that will get the same work done and put extra money away for my children's future, or to better humanity. Lets support china's slavery and buy a bunch of crap we probably could live (better) without.

I could continue for pages of this crap, seriously.




I can't understand why someone would buy from a company that so obviously lies about their competition. This just shows Dell can't even get the little things right, let alone make a decent computer.



Lemons to Apples



Maybe Dell took liberties with some things, but a slower quad core can be faster in a lot of situations than a faster dual core.



It's like comparing a Lexus to Ford.



Or, in view of the scandals and poor sales that have been plaguing the company of late, maybe it's time for Michael Dell to simply close down Dell, Inc. and pay back the shareholders. Sound familiar, Mr. Dell?

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