Desert Zombie: Last Stand Has a Horrible Name But Incredible Graphics



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OMG this game is amazing :-)

I have played it on my iPad 2 for hours and it ROCKS - it is a technical feat - no pre rendered,  staged animations,  the visauls leave everything on IOS in thier wake - and pulsing with random mayhem - the AI is absolutely kicking , imergent craziness everywhere - zombies RPG'ing zombies and the FX stand ground with the best on console  !!! - 

Re criticism of lag on iPhone 4 - the devs mentioned performance issues with IPhone 4  in CAPS, prior to purchase - that says a lot about the devs - they also state a patch is out before next weekend !!! - 

And yet people still criticize the devs for lag on IPhone 4 - but hey, they were pre warned - if waiting one week was going to be such a problem for them why buy ? - people are so strange - ordering chocolate, complaining about getting chocolate - :) 

Oh well back to the most stunning mobile game ever made - 



Oh my GOD! That soundtrack is atrocious! The game looks awesome though. Wish it didn't feature zombies. Crystalized is kinda late to the party to try to ride the zombie wave. It's disappointing that you're not fighting actual people; that would make the replay value skyrocket. Either way, still looking forward to this game.

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