Did Apple’s Attorney Just Spill the Beans on a Tablet?



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I love it when the attorney wrote "that by just offering such a bounty in the first place, the website is asking anyone with actual tablet knowledge to break their non-disclosure agreements by revealing the company’s trade secrets." Is this Valleywag's fault? They are not under a non-disclosure agreement. It is not Valleywag's place to enforce Apple's NDA. It's like suing the bullet manufacturers because someone may use their product for nefarious purposes. To paraphrase Shakespeare, methings Apple protests too much!



ScottB says that it's not Valleywag's fault if somebody steals Apple's trade secrets in response to VW's bounty.  His assertion is simply not true.  If ScottB offered a reward for somebody to rob a bank and bring the proceeds to him, then ScottB could go to prison.  Similarly, if VW offers a reward for somebody to steal valuable assets (trade secrets) from Apple and bring the proceeds to VW, then VW could be civilly and criminally punished also.  It amounts to the same thing.  No, I am not an attorney for Apple, but I am an intellectual property attorney. 



So by their own admission Valleywag confirms that Apple wins the $100k. Excellent!!! They can then use that towards future R&D projects. : )



I thought the exact same thing when I heard about the case. Apple wouldn't care about this, if they weren't really releasing a tablet.

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